Of mice and men

Of mice and Men general quiz for GCSE Revision.
What A is linked to the characters' dreams?. What L's death is foreshadowed by the death of Candy's dog?. What C's death is foreshadowed by events in Weed?. What S is the author's name?. What two Cs hope to share George and Lennie's dream?. What S is a card game which suggests that George is lonely? . What S is Steinbeck's voice in the novel?. What T is how the men describe Curley's wife?. What S is why Crooks can't go in the bunkhouse?. What M is the first soft thing Lennie kills?. What D is used by George to make Lennie happy?. What H is what Curley and the boss wear to show authority?. What G is like a father to Lennie?. What L is a theme in the novel?. What C is someone whose real name we never discover?. What B is where the men live?. What M describe people who are continually moving to find work?. What D is what America was suffering from in the 1930s?. What R is Lennie's dream?. What G is what George claims he could have without Lennie?.
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