Solids, Liquids, Gases, Mixtures

Simple key words related to changes of state and separation. Excellent for KS3 SATs Revision.
What S has a fixed shape and volume?. What L has a fixed volume but no fixed shape?. What G has no fixed shape or volume?. What C is the process of a gas becoming a liquid?. What M is the process of a solid becoming a liquid?. What F is the process of a liquid becoming a solid?. What E is the process of a liquid becoming a gas?. What C is the image produced by chromatography?. What I means something can not be dissolved?. What S means something can be dissolved?. What V describes the movement of particles in a solid?. What S means how much of something will dissolve?. What E is given to particles when they change from a solid to a liquid to a gas?. What D is process of separating a mixture through evaporation followed by condensation?. What M is two or more substances together which are not chemically joined?. What T increases solubility?. What P are solids, liquids and gases made up of?. What C is a method of separating inks?. What C is the name given to the jacket used for cooling the gas in distillation?. What F is the type of paper used in chromatography that can also separate a solid and a liquid?.
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