beauty therapy

Level 1 beauty therapy theory questions.
The abbreviation COSHH stands for this.. Electrical equipment should be tested this often . What C is the spread of germs from 1 person to another.. What A is the most effctive method of sterlizing objects in the salon.. What T is responsible for the clients welfare. . What S is the complete destruction of all micro-organisms. What E is a common skin disorder.. What C is a reaction to a treatment. What H is commonly known as a cold sore.. What W may restrict a manicure treatment.. What L is the white area visible at the base of the nail.. What S is the effect buffing has on the nail plate.. What O is the correct name given to bitten nails.. What P is the name given to overgrown cuticles.. What E should a carbon dioxide extinguisher be used on.. What A is best used on oily skin as a toning product.. What E is where the Epidermis is thinnest.. What C may restrict a manicure treatment.. What D is the chemical small objects may be stored in after sterilisation.. What D is the act which requires you to keep accurate information about your clients..
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