S2 Financial Education - Banking

S2 Financial Education - Blockbusters
What D is a variable payment made at irregular intervals. What S is a fixed payment made at fixed intervals. What S is a document sent by the bank to show how much money is in a bank account. What C is used to pay for goods and services without using a card or cash. What O is when you spend more money thank was in your bank account. What I is what the bank add on to your balance when you keep money in an account for a long time. What D is a card linked to your bank account which you can use to buy goods and services. What B is a regular expense which you must pay - for example Electricity. What S is when you keep money safe in an account - perhaps for emergencies or for a holiday.. What A is where your money is held in a Bank.. What F is used to describe payments made for a Standing Order.. What V is used to describe payments made for a Direct Debit.. What B is who you owe when you have an Overdraft.. What P is how Interest is usually calculated on a Bank Account balance.. What P is the person you are paying on a cheque.. What P is the 4 numbers you need to key in to use a Debit or Cash Card.. What D is what must be present on a cheque.. What M is the usual amount of time you wait until you receive a Bank Statement. . What C is an Account where you might get your salary paid and buy goods from.. What C is the amount of money you owe the bank if a Standing Order isn't paid. .
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