Respiratory System GCSE Revision for A-C grades

This quiz is suited for A-C candidates and is designed to challenge more able students.
What R is the amount of air left in the lungs after maximal exhalation?. What V is the amount of air that can be breathed out after a deep breath in?. What T is the amount of air breathed in or out during normal breathing?. What T is another name for the windpipe?. What A are found at the end of the bronchioles?. What U is the direction of movement that of the ribs when we breathe in?. What D is the direction of movement of the diaphragm when we breathe in?. What G occurs in the capillaries?. What N is the largest percentage of gas in the air?. What A enables you to work hard for long periods?. What A enables a performer to produce a short burst of energy?. What L builds up after anaerobic exercise?. What O is a shortfall in oxygen?. What W is produced along with carbon dioxide and energy in the formula for aerobic respiration?. What G is needed for both types of respiration?. What N is the place where air is warmed to make air the same temperature as the body?. What M is done so that the alveoli can absorb the oxygen?. What F is done to air to stop pollen and dust getting into the lungs?. What B is one of the tubes that leads from the trachea to the lungs?. What I contract when we breathe in?.
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