EM Spectrum

EM Spectrum Quiz for KS4
What M can you cook pasties with? Mmm!!. What V is ultra??. What W is the transfer of energy without the transfer of matter??. What G is a type of ray, which can be used to cure cancer?. What R is the region of the EM spec with the longest wavelength?. What does the O stand for in ROYGBIV? . What B comes after green in the viible spectrum?. What Y comes before green in the visible spectrum?. What I goes after Microwaves, but before visible light?. What V is the region of the EM spectrum which enables us to see?. What X is an instrument you can bang with a stick like thing?. What X is is developed by a radiographer?. What S uses Ultra Violet Rays to tan your skin. What B is killed by Gamma Rays in the sterilisation process?. What R uses Infra-Red waves to change channel?. What C is caused by Ultra Violet, Xrays and Gamma Rays?. What B are Xrays used to examine?. What E is used in homes to give off Infra Red Waves?. What I comes after blue in the visiable spectrum?. What M is a popular gaget for portable communication?.
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