AAT Unit 5 Revision

AAT unit 5 - financial accounting, including adjustments and partnerships.
What A states expenses and income should be matched to the period in which they were incurred? . What C is calculated by a stock take?. Cost minus what R divided by life in years is used to calculate straight line depreciation?. What I is a reduction in the provision for doubtful debts classified as?. What C is the account in which partners drawings would be recorded?. What R is a method of calculating depreciation other than straight line?. What J only occur in the main ledger?. What G is an intangible fixed asset reflecting value of a business above assets minus liabilities?. What P is an income or expense shown in the cashbook that relates to the next period?. What A is where, in the final accounts, you show the profit split for a partnership?. What B is the correct term for a debt you know wont be received?. What F does the F in FRS stand for?. What O is a type of lease which is treated as an expense on the P & L?. What E is how profits should be split if there is no partnership agreement?. What S is what you should use if your trial balance doesn't balance? . What M is profit as a percentage of cost of sales?. What D should the provision for doubtful debts be deducted from?. What G is the concept that assumes a business will continue to trade for the foreseeable future?. What W is calculated by current assets less current liabilities? . Stock should be valued at the lower of cost and net realisable what?.
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