Energy Systems Quiz

A revision quiz for A level PE Unit 6 - Exercise and Energy systems for Edexcel.
What E is a reaction that releases energy?. What E is a reaction that requires energy?. What A is a high energy biological molecule?. What C is a type of energy that comes from food?. What K is a type of energy used for movement?. What B is the energy required for 8 hours sleep and 12 hours of fasting?. What W is force times distance?. What P is work divided by time?. What F is mass times acceleration?. What M has the 3 regions of cell body, dendrites and axon?. What N allow for saltatory conduction?. What A states that if the minimum depolarisation is not reached no impulse will be propagated?. What A is a neurotransmitter secreted by the synaptic vesicles?. What W are contractions that do not have time to relax?. What S is when motor units are recruited in a synchronised way?. What M are there several hundred of in a muscle fibre?. What H is the name of the 5 stage mechanism of muscle contraction?. What A is the energy system that is used only for very short durations of up to 10 seconds?. What L is the energy system that lasts for 30-40 seconds?. What A is the energy system that has 3 components?.
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