Geography/History of Australia

This is a nice intro game to Unit 4: Australia(Edexcel) or as part of revision prior to exam. Looks at history, geography, demography and administration of Aussie sport.
What E is the (approximate) population of Australia? . What E is the % of Aussies living in 3% of the land mass?. What B is a leisure facility most Aussies have access to?. What D is Australia's governmental status?. What Q is Australia's head of state?. What C refers to the structure of the Aussie sporting system?. What T was Australia first called by European settlers?. What A was a sport 'adapted' by the Aussies?. What S is a form of volley ball invented by the Aussies?. What S dominates conversation in most households?. What S do Aussie homes tend to have a lot of?. What V is where Aussie rules football became popular?. What N is the hotbed for Australian rugby?. What I is what the government has put a lot of into sport?. What A is the governing body for sport in Australia?. What C is the international organization that Australia is a part of?. What M is Australia trying to keep links with?. What T is the term derived from a sporting challenge with their former colonial masters?. What I is a term used to describe the aboriginals?. What B refers to the young Aussie population striving to achieve and succeed in society and sport?.
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