B1a Pathogens and body defences

Microorganisms, pathogens and diseases revision quiz for GCSE unit B1a.
What P is a microorganism that causes disease?. What S is the doctor who discovered that hand washing reduced transmission of diseases?. What B is a single celled microorganism, most are harmless but some are pathogens?. What V is microorganism that needs a living host to reproduce? . What I is an invasion of microorganisms?. What S is an important physical barrier that can stop microorganisms entering the body?. What C are tiny hairs that move microorganisms, dust and mucus up your throat?. Which S contains acid that can kill harmful microorganisms?. What T are produced by pathogenic bacteria?. What W are the blood cells responsible for immune response?. What I is our bodies second line of defence?. What M is a thick sticky liquid that can trap microorganisms?. What I is a way white blood cells respond to pathogens?. What A are produced by white blood cells to destroy pathogens?. What A are the markers on cells that can be recognised by your immune system?. What S is the physical evidence of infection?. What F is a pathogen causing athletes foot?. What P is a type of barrier to microorganisms?. What S is a name used to describe pathogens resistant to antibiotics such as MRSA?. What D is caused by microorganisms and makes you ill?.
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