Water Water Everywhere.....

A general quiz about various aspects of water, including rivers, oceans, the water cycle and more general knowledge questions
What I is the name of solid water?. What E is the process when water is heated and rises into the air?. What R is the water that falls from the sky?. What T is the name of the river running through London?. What D is the process when a material spreads out in water?. What C is when water vapour cools and changes back into a liquid in clouds?. What M do we call it when a solid (e.g. ice) changes into a liquid (e.g. water)?. What S is the water vapour that comes out of the top of a kettle?. What S are the small, fluffy lumps of frozen water that fall from the sky?. What H is the name of a water saving device you can put in your toilet?. What C is the name of the white fluffy things in the sky made of water vapour?. What N is the longest river in the world?. What S is the activity where you move through water without touching the bottom?. What O is an enormous area of water which surrounds countries?. What B is the name of the big bowl that we get in to get clean?. What P is found on the ground after it has been raining?. What L is the unit that we use to measure water?. What B is the name of a container we can keep our drinking water in at school?. What F occurs when an object sits on the surface of water rather than sinking?. What A is the name of the ocean between Britain and America?.
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