The Role of Business in Society

NQ Business Management Int 1 - Business Enterprise
What W is described as an 'extra thing' that makes life more enjoyable?. What N is an item that we cannot live without. What G are products that you can see and touch?. What S describes something that is done for us eg banking, schools?. What D are goods that you can use until they eventually wear out or break down?. What W is created by 'adding value' to something?. What E is an idea which a person has and is willing to take a risk developing it?. What F is made up of land, labour, capital and enterprise?. What P is a sector of business activity?. What S is a sector of business activity?. What T is a sector of business activity?. What L is all the manpower and skills needed to produce goods and services?. What C is a factor of production?. What P is a primary reason why businesses exist?. What N describes goods which can only be used once?. What H is a service provided by a business? (that may use scissors and shampoo!). What L is the opposite of profit?. What T is a service provided to us when we don't want to walk?. What C is money available within a business?. What L is a natural resource important in agriculture?.
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