Adobe Flash Basics

Keywords on Flash basic skills. Eg. timeline and symbols.
What T is a strip of frames in a line?. What F is small box on the timeline?. What K marks the start and end of an animation sequence?. What B is something you can click on?. What G is symbol that doesn't change?. What A is a word to describe what Flash produces?. What I is another word for a picture?. What T is comes after motion and shape?. What M is a type of tween?. What S is a type of tween?. What A is where you can add script to say a button?. What P is where you can change the look of an object?. What S is the actionscript command put on a frame to halt the animation?. What R comes after on in the actions for a button?. What M is a type of symbol that moves?. What A is a tool you use to select an item?. What L is where you keep the files for your animation?. What F describes what the flash timeline is like?. What L is what you use to separate items on the stage?. What S do you convert to to make a group of objects behave as one?.
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