Forces and Motion - P2a

Introduction to forces and motion P2a
What S is how fast something is going?. What V is speed in a certain direction?. What A is how quickly an object speeds up?. What B describes all the forces when the resultant force is zero?. What U describes the forces when an object speeds up or slows down?. What W is due to gravity on a mass?. What M is the amount of matter in an object?. What F is measured in Newtons?. What M is the unit for speed?. What G attracts all objects with mass?. What D is a force that opposed motion?. What A a drag force due to a gas?. What F is a force which acts when two forces are in contact with each other?. What R could replace all the other forces to produce the same effect on an object?. What U is the force due to buoyancy in air and water?. What K is the unit used to measure mass? . What S equals distance divided by time?. What F equals mass times acceleration?. What T happens when an object is falling and all forces on it are balanced?. What G can be plotted to show the speed of an object?.
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