Risk Analysis

Introductory KS3 science quiz on laboratory safety and risks.
What H is another name for a danger?. What C describes a substance that can eat away another and are dangerous?. What O is a substance which releases oxygen easily?. What B is dangerous to living things?. What G can be worn in the lab for protection?. What F is a substance which is easily set on fire?. What R should not be done in a laboratory?. What H should be tied back in a laboratory?. What I is a substance which can make your skin itch?. What B should be tucked under seats or benches in a laboratory?. What C should not be touched, tasted or smelled in a laboratory?. What S should you tell the teacher about immediately?. What Y is the colour of the safety flame on a Bunsen burner?. What B is the colour of a heating flame on a Bunsen?. What G is available in laboratories as a fuel?. What W should not be used near electrical sockets?. What G is what much laboratory apparatus is made from?. What A is the general name for laboratory equipment?. What A is let into a Bunsen when the collar is opened?. What P is the most dangerous item in the laboratory?.
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