Nutrition & Diet

A quiz focussing on the main components of the diet and some problems that arise when there are deficiencies.
What P is a substance within a balanced diet that is used for growth and repair?. What W is a sport that requires a diet high in protein?. What R is a deformity caused by a lack of vitamin D?. What S is a problem caused by a deficiency of vitamin C in the diet?. What F is a macronutrient that provides us with slow release energy?. What C comes in two forms in our diet - simple and complex? . What G is the simplest form of carbohydrate?. What mineral beginning with C helps us have strong bones and teeth? . What I is a mineral that prevents us having problems with our metabolism?. What W is essential for all our body systems to function?. What I is essential for our ability to carry oxygen around the body?. What G is a condition people may suffer if they have a lack of Iodine in their body?. What T E N is the amount of calories we need on a daily basis? . What A is a psychological disorder where people think they are too fat, therefore eat very little?. What do the letters B_M_R stand for when representing the amount of energy needed to keep you alive?. What O is the name given to the condition of a person who is very overweight?. What S is the name given to a group of fats that are mainly from animal sources?. What U is given to a group of fats that are healthier and do not cause as much clogging of arteries?. What C is the name given to the technique of eating lots of carbohydrate prior to competition?. What F is the undigestable plant materials within a balanced diet?.
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