The King's Great Matter

This game works on the key concepts and persons involved in the King's Great Matter and is intended for a year 12 audience.
What P is the act of seeking resolution outside of the realm of a problem within England?. What D is granted by the pope to allow suspension of canon law in a particular case?. What R is the Act that turns the ad hoc charge of praemunire into a statutory law. What S is the Act that guarantees that the offspring of Anne and Henry will inherit the throne?. What C is the honour that Henry accorded Anne on 1st June 1533?. What W is the high churchman who died in August 1532?. What E was the co-author of the Collectanea satis copiosa?. What C is the collection of precedents from which the Act in Restraint of Appeals was formulated?. What T was principally responsible for turning general principles into the Reformation Statutes. What A were restrained conditionally in 1532 and then absolutely in 1534. What S was the formal acknowledgement by the clergy that Henry was their lawmaker?. What P is at least one of the purposes of Reformation statutes. What S is the highest kind of law created in Parliament. What T was the archbishop responsible for declaring Henry's marriage with Catherine invalid. What C had considerable influence over the papacy between 1527 and 1536?. What C was the type of law followed by Church courts?. What A reduced noblemen to commoners, deprived of property and disinherited heirs?. What M provided the maternal line through which the Tudors claimed the throne?. What R was the principle Henry upheld by restraining appeals and was the basis for royal supremacy?. What T was the Duke of Norfolk, uncle of Anne Boleyn and close adviser to the king?.
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