Higher Admin & IT Revision

Higher Admin Revision
What G is used to record Employee progress on a long term target. What P is used to show what jobs should be done today. What M is a set of notes created to provide a record of a meeting. What S is Specific, Measurable, Agree, Realistic and Timed. What B is an example of technical jargon being used by someone. What A is a list of items to be discussed at a meeting. What C is for the person who runs the meeting with notes attached. What D is the Act which governs the use of computers in the workplace. What D is the Act which governs the use of electronic information in the workplace. What C is the Act which governs the illegal photocopying or taking music which is not yours. What C is the Act which governs hacking into someone's account. What M is created by an organisation to show their customers what they are striving to achieve. What F is created by organisations and made up of customers to ask their opinion on their service. What W is an example of the Internet. What I is an internal set of electronic data which can be accessed by employees. What B is the mastermind of the most effective team roles. What O is when all employees share the same large space and equipment. What E is the study of how employees use work-based equipment. What G is the best colour to paint walls if you want employees to relax. What S is the name we give to an organisation if it makes employees ill!.
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