Higher Admin & IT Revision - 2

Higher Admin Revision 2
What P is completed at an employee and manager's meeting to show employee's strengths and weaknesses. What G is a graphical view of how someone's progress is going. What R is the one in the acronym SMART. What D is when an employee gives another individual a job to do to save them from doing it. What B is when an older experienced member of staff is teamed with a new member to help them work. What C is when staff are working in individual offices. What T is what the acronym SMART deals with. What D is the legislation which governs stored electronic information. What D can be used to record employee details on individual records. What I is an electronic internal source of information to an organisation. What V can be downloaded to a computer to make it work incorrectly. What T is when an employee can work while travelling. What B is when individuals speak in jargon which not all can understand. What V is when a meeting can take place in different countries by webcam. What M is when an employee comes to an organisation to try to test other employees on their service. What C is when a group of shoppers come together to be asked questions by an organisation. What C is part of a Customer Care Policy and is designed for when things go wrong. What R is created when many tables form one database file. What C is used to retain staff and can mean they can take time off their job to return in the future. What E is the buying and selling of goods online.
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