Battle of Hastings

Easy quiz buster about the battle of Hastings
What P was the place where William's troops landed?. What T was the Norman minstrel who offered to attack first. What B was the division of William's army that retreated first.. What B was the precise location of the Battle?. What S was the main tactic of the Saxons.. What S was the number of ships prepared by William?. What P was the sign under which William led his troops?. What C was seen in the night sky in 1066?. What S took place on 22nd September 1066?. What B took place on 14th October 1066?. What A were unable to damage the shield wall?. What F was the tactic that William used to draw the Shield Wall down.. What H was to Harold's advantage?. What E is supposed to have happened to Harold. What S describes the battle for much of the day?. What B was the Saxon's main weapon?. What H were the elite soldiers of Harold's army?. What W was the piece of luck that gave William the advantage?. What H describes what happened to Harold's body?. What K is the term for the Norman elite troops?.
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