Word Processing Terms - for Word 2007

Revision suitable for either Level 1 ICT Key Skills or Unit 1 CLAIT. Adapted for Office 2007
What A is the most commonly used sans serif font?. What S bar would you click on to do a Word Count?. What U is a method of emphasising text?. What W is the application you would use to type a letter?. What S means 'without' and goes before Serif to describe a type of font?. What F is the place into which you would save a file?. What P describes one orientation of a page?. What J describes text that is lined up on both the left and right of a document?. What D removes letters to the right of the cursor?. What F would you use to add an automatic file-name to the bottom of a document?. What L describes one orientation of a page?. What C together with the number 2 is the keyboard shortcut for double line spacing?. What C is where text or images go when you copy them prior to pasting?. What B removes letters to the left of the cursor?. What T is the most commonly used serif font?. What C removes text or images from a document and places them on the clipboard?. What T is a marker on the ruler used to align text?. What T is made up of columns and rows?. What B is a method of emphasising text?. What A means to line up on the page?.
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