BGE Finance

What I shows the Gross Profit and the Profit for the Year. What S shows the list of Assets and Liabilities . What B is when Total Costs equal Total Revenue. What T is a name for Fixed Costs plus Variable Costs. What S is when Total Sales in units is multiplied by Selling Price. What R is when you calculate information about how well a business is doing. What G is Gross Profit/Net Sales x 100. What E is money being spent in a firm to keep it going. What R is money coming in to the organisation. What M is the difference between current output and the Break Even Point. What C is Selling Price minus Variable Costs. What F is a cost which doesn't change with output eg Rent. What V is a cost which will change with output eg Materials. What C is Sales less Gross Profit. What D is when assets lose their value. What T is when you owe suppliers money. What T is when customers owe you money. What N is assets which you are going to keep for a long period of time eg Property. What C is assets which will only last for a short while eg Inventory. What L is the opposite of profit.
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