Irish Saints

The saints of Ireland.
What B is the saint who sailed to America?. Her feast day is on February 1st. What P is Ireland's patron saint?. What K is a saint who set up home in Glendalough? . What W is St. Patrick's birthplace?. What K is St. Btrendan's home county?. What K is St. Brigid's home county?. What S is the plant St. Patrick used to explain God?. What S is the animals that St. Patrick expelled from Ireland?. What C is a mountain called after Ireland's patron saint?. What C is is an Irish saint who travelled to Iona?. What F is a Cork-born saint?. What F is a saint who gives his name to a large Ennis college?. What G was from Ballyvourney, Co. Cork?. What L is the first name of a Dublin saint whose surname is O'Toole?. What O is a saint whose head is on display in Drogheda? . What J is the month of St. Kevin's feast day?. What M is is the month of St. Patrick's day?. What C is a saint associated with Bangor, Co. Down?. What D is the county in which St. Columcille was born?.
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