CRAAP or Credible?

Vocabulary for describing informational writing
What C is worth believing?. What C is happening now?. What R is about the topic?. What A is from an expert?. What A is correct or exact?. What P is the reason for writing or doing something?. What S is anyplace you get information from?. What Q is repeat exactly what a person says?. What C is say where you found your information?. What R is gather information about a topic?. What S is give details or examples?. What S is retell something using only a few words?. What T is what you are writing about or discussing?. What F is the way you arrange the words on a page?. What O is put similar things or ideas together?. What F is make sure everything you write stays on topic?. What R is change your writing to make it better?. What I is the part of your writing where you say what you will talk about?. What B is a list of sources that you used?. What P is stealing another person's ideas or work?.
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