Warm Up

Exercise and fitness questions for A Level PE.
What 'A' is a type of stretching. What R does a cool-down allow the body to do?. We warm up before an activity to ______ injury. What M is obtainable at a joint?. What is N in PNF?. What R is a stretching is used for extreme flexibility?. What B is a type of stretching that is never encourged?. What M is part of a warm up?. What Tis the amount of air breathed in per breath?. What C do you do at the end of the exercise?. What C happens to the blood flow during exercise?. What L is reduced in a cool-down?. What S is a type of stretching held in a fixed position?. What L builds up as a result of en during exercise?. What I happens to the heart rate during exercise?. What T increases during exercise?. What C is diffused into the alveoli dureing exercise?. What R is one of the first signs of someone becoming hot?. What D is the cause of not warming down properly?. What V happens to the blood vessels during exercise?.
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