An Inspector Calls

An Inspector Calls starter for mid-range ability students who have read the play
What E is always drunk?. What S is Excited at the beginning of Act 1?. What B is the town that the play is set in?. What S is the time of year the play is set in?. What T is the name of the boat that Arthur says is unsinkable?. What W is what the Germans don't want, according to Arthur?. What E is the name of the maid?. What C is Gerald's surname?. What P is the name of the bar where Daisy got picked up?. What G is the name of the Inspector?. What D is the way the Inspector leaves the house?. What B is what is over the windows to stop him leaving?. What M is the name of the shop that Sybil and Sheila shop at?. What U is organisation that tried to increase the pay for factory workers?. What M is the name of the place that the play was first performed in?. What P is the name of the playwright who wrote this play?. What C is the group of people set up to help young women in the town?. What S is what Eric did from his father?. What M is what Gerald made Daisy?. What I is the place that the Inspector had just come from at the start of the play?.
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