Key Research Terms

Key terms used in psychology
What I is the variable manipulated by the experimenter?. What D is what is measured at the end of an experiment?. What N is the prediction that results may be due to chance factors?. What D is a specific prediction of what will happen in your experiment?. What N predicts an outcome in your experiment but doesn't state exactly what this will be?. What C is a type of question which only allows a limited response?. What P is the name given to the people taking part in your study? . What S is used to state that your results are relevant?. What Q is a type of research which collects data in the form of descriptions?. What R is something you achieve if you carry out an experiment several times with the same results?. What E is something you should try to erradicate when carrying out an experiment?. What C only affects one condition of the experiment?. What E is achieved when your research is true to life?. What E is the group in the experiment where the independent variable is manipulated?. What P is given to all the members of a group you wish to study?. What S is the name given to the people you actually use in your study?. What G is where we can apply our findings to all members of the population?. What B is where our sample is not representative of the population?. What R is where all members of a population have an equal chance of being selected?. What S is where you recruit people for your study through advertisements?.
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