Recruitment and Selection

Quiz to help for revision of Recruitment, Selection and Equal Opportunities.
What S would be listed in a person specification?. What C is a document that an applicant sends as part of their application? . What R is an important equal opportunities act?. What I is when a company recruits from within the business? . A business may recruit to increase this P? . What R may be asked for by a company before they employ someone, often from a previous employer? . What D are listed in the job description? . What A is produced to help promote a job? . What P is a type of test that may be done to gain an understand of somebody’s personality?. What V is identified at the very beginning of the recruitment process?. What P is a document describing the essential and desired skills and qualifications for the job?. What J is a document describing roles, responsibilities and duties?. What A is a type of test to see whether an applicant has the correct skills for the job?. What L is a type of media used to advertise jobs, usually for lower paid jobs?. What S is created when a company reduces the number of applicants for a job for the interview stage?. What S is an act created to ensure males and females are treated equally?. What I is the most common type selection process?. What P is a sometimes used selection technique, that shows how confident the applicant is?. What A is completed by an applicant in the first stage of the selection process?. What W is an increasingly common advertising method, monster is an example?.
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