Healthy Eating

A quiz ideal as a plenary to a lesson/group of lessons looking at healthy eating and nutrition.
What P is needed for growth and repair?. What C gives you energy?. What F is a good way to help you get '5 a day'?. What V helps fight coughs and colds?. What F is a nutrient which insulates your body?. What B is a good example of a carbohydrate?. What B is another word for a healthy diet?. What E is another way other than diet to stay healthy?. What C can cause heart attacks?. What F is not a nutrient but is vital for survival?. What W is not a nutrient but is vital for survival?. What M is needed by the body in tiny amounts?. What Q is a way vegetarians can get protein in their diet?. What S is something we shouldn't have more than 6g of each day?. You could try this type of pata, rice or bread to increase fibre in the diet. What F is a good source of essential fatty acids?. What S is a type of milk low in fat?. What C is a breakfast product fortified with vitamins and minerals?. What B is a measurement which tells you whether somebody is overweight or not?. What C is a mineral which keeps your teeth and bones strong?.
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