Sound and ultrasound questions, only tricky one is rarefaction, GCSE foundation level otherwise
What E is a reflected sound?. What U is sounds with frequencies over 20 000 Hz?. What F is the number of vibrations per second?. What P is how high or low a sound is?. What A describes how loud a sound is?. What Dis the unit that measures the loudness of a sound?. What O can be used to see a picture of a sound wave?. What H is the unit of frequency?. What K is one thousand hertz?. What L is another name for a compression wave like sound?. What M is something that turns sound signals into electrical signals?. What V is something sound can't travel through?. What X a type of light wave that could damage a baby's cells?. What W is the way sound energy travels?. What V is what things do when they produce sounds?. What B is an animal that uses ultrasound echoes to find it's way around?. What T is something that vibrates at just one frequency and can be used to get the right note?. What R is the low pressure areas in a sound wave?. What S is finding how far away something is using echoes?. What C is the snail shaped part of your ear which has the nerve endings that detect sounds?.
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