Year 7 Resistant Materials - Wood puzzle

A short plenary to allow year 7 pupils to identify tools, materials used in Design Technology (Resistant Materials)
What T is a saw we use in Technology?. What B is a dvice we use to help us cut wood?. What G do we use to sand timber?. What M is the measurement we use in Technology?. What C is a list of materials and sizes needed for a project?. What F is the final smoothing process applied to timber?. What S is a category of timber?. What H is a category of timber?. What O is a type of Tree that produces a hardwood timber?. What P is a type of Tree that produces a softwood timber?. What B is a type of Hardwood?. What T is another name for all types of wood?. What P is an adhesive used to glue wood?. What G is a product of the way a tree grows?. What T is used to create right angles?. What F is a type of saw used in Technology?. What M is type of manufactured board?. What S is a measuring device used in Technology?. What B shows the process of what we have made?. What Q comes before Control, and Assurance?.
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