Basic Electronics for Night Lights

Recap of electrical components and terminology used in a Night Light circuit project. To include some Health and Safety and CAD/CAM.
What R is used to reduce the flow of energy in a circuit?. What L is a LED?. What does the P stand for in PCB?. What O is resistance measured in?. What C is the flow of electricity through a circuit?. What does CAD stand for?. What does CAM stand for?. What L is the machine used for cutting diffuser plates?. What T is the name of the switch used in your Night Light circuit?. What B are coloured and show the value of a resistor?. What V is used to measure energy of a current?. What W is used to take plastic coating off electrical wire?. What S is used to connect components to a PCB?. What T is one of the main metals in solder?. What A is the name for the group of metals solder belongs to?. What F are used to trim excess wire from soldered components?. What T is the voltage that can safely applied across an LED without it blowing?. What E is the type of energy produced by the battery in your circuit?. What G must be worn whilst soldering?. What S should be considered whilst soldering?.
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