Fibres and Fabrics Revision

Revision of fibres and fabrics for KS4 (also useful at KS3)
What N means a fibre from animal or vegetable sources?. What P is a manufactured fibre?. What S means short fibres?. What S give us wool?. What C is good for dyeing?. What W is a natural fibre?. What K is way of making fabrics?. What S is the process of making a fibre into a yarn?. What A means to soak up water?. What E is a stretchy fibre?. What B is a fabric without a yarn?. What L is where fabric is woven?. What L gives us information about a textile product?. What T is a type of weave?. What F is the smallest part of a fabric?. What M make very fine fabrics?. What B means to mix different fibres together?. What C is a fibre that comes in long lengths?. What D means how well a fabric hangs or behaves?. What W is a property of the fabric of an umbrella ?.
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