Generating electricity

Covers basic knowledge of electricity and generating electricity. Also suitable for less able KS4.
What P is where electricity is generated?. What F is burned to release heat energy?. What W is heated until it evaporates?. What T is a large fan, turned by steam?. What M is moved inside a coil of wire to generate electricity?. What C is the type of energy formed in fossil fuels?. What H is the type of energy in steam?. What K is the type of energy in the turbine?. What E is the type of energy made in the generator?. What N is a series of cables through which electricity flows?. What C is the flow of electrons?. What V is the amount of energy the cell gives to the current?. What W is the unit for power?. What M is the electricity that comes to our homes?. What O is an example of a fossil fuel?. What J is the unit for energy?. What S is how an ammeter is connected in a circuit?. What P is how a voltmeter is connected in a circuit?. What A is the unit for current?. What V is the unit for voltage?.
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