PSHE Bullying Quiz

A wordsearch to help pupils understand bullying.
What H is bullying someone because they are gay?. What R is bullying someone because of their skin colour?. What S is bullying someone because of their gender?. What A is bullying someone because of their age?. What C is bullying someone over the internet?. What M is a common tool used to bully people over the internet?. What B is the common name given to someone who victimizes someone else?. What C is a helpline for children suffering bullying at home and at school?. What T is the person you should tell if you are being bullied at school?. What G is the given to a group of being who bully?. What S is where most children experience bullying?. What P is bullying involving hurting another person?. What V is bullying involving saying nasty things?. What R is spreading horrible things about people?. What T is what you should do about bullies?. What T is the amount of thousand children that phone childline about bullying every year?. What R is what you should keep if you are being bullied?. What A is what all schools should have to combat bullying?. What V is what a person being bullied is called?. What N is a form of verbal abuse?.
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