Speeding Up

Y9 Speeding Up - simple questions for less able students.
What F is the force between a tyre and the road?. What A is the force keeping a parachute in the air?. What B is two equal and opposite forces?. What D is another name for air resistance?. What S is distance divided by time?. What N is the unit used to measure force?. What U is the force that keeps a boat on top of the water?. What G is the force pulling objetcs to the centre of the Earth?. What A is the word that means to speed up?. What D is what happens if friction is greater than thrust?. What E is the word that describes balanced forces?. What P is what you make before you do an investigation?. What I is a surface with little friction mostly seen in winter?. What O is a liquid you use on a bike to reduce friction?. What S is the shape of a dart, dolphin and racing car?. What M is the unit for measuring distance?. What S is the unit for measuring time?. What W is another name for the force of gravity pulling on an object?. What S is what happens if gravity is greater than upthrust?. What U describes two forces if a car is slowing down?.
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