Teacher training stage 1

A formative assessment of some of the key terminology in the early part of a teacher training course.
What B aims at fresh flowers?. We can all be guided by the Os.. What D suggests the teacher will do everything?. This C embraces all of the topics.. The fact that we not all the same is identified by this D.. Bring everybody in using this D. Use these Rs to enhance learning.. What F assesses how they are doing?. My final assessment decision is S.. The management denoted by C is important.. Ask yourself are the students too P?. Have you lots of As for them?. Which L should be you main concern?. Do they all U?. Are the Ms suitable for everyone?. What I assesses their base level of knowledge?. This I develops a welcoming start.. This S can help identify best methods.. What C brings every thing together?. We learn best by D..
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