Muhammad and his life.
What M is the prophet sent by Allah?. What J is the angel sent to Muhammad?. What R is what the angel told Muhammad to do?. What H is the mountain where Muhammad meditated?. What M is th eplace where Muhammad lived?. What M is the job Muhammad had?. What R is what Muhammad had?. What M is what Muhammad did in the cave?. What Q is the holy book of Islam?. What A is the God that Muslims pray to?. What A is what brings messages from Allah to earth?. What F is how many rules Muslims live by?. What R is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar when Muslims fast?. What F teaches Muslims self-control and compassion for others?. What M is where Muslims go to pray?. What M is a place in Saudi Arabia where Muslims face to pray?. What P is someone sent to teach people how to live?. What P is written after the name of prophets?. What G is the trait that Muhammad did not like in people?. What H are the books about Muhammad?.
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