2.1 Health and Safety

Health and Safety in Sport
What P is the clothing worn that acts as a barrier between you and hazardous materials? . What does the C stand for in COSHH?. What L is the act of making, or enacting laws?. What N is regarded in law as lack of care?. What S is the act that was put in place after the Hilsborough disaster?. What T is the in depth report on Hilsborough? . What O is the name of the report for the Bradford fire disaster?. What E is the organisation to adhere laws?. What R is the governmental function of controlling a law?. What does the I stand for in RIDDOR?. What L is the disaster that saw the death of four teenagers?. What D is the most important factor of any health and safety legislation?. What F is act that came out of the Bradford fire disaster?. What C is the act that aims to focus on the rights of young people?. What D protects the rights of wheelchair users?. What H is the enforcing athourity for the health and safety law? . What does the second D stand for in RIDDOR? . What does the last H in COSHH stand for?. What A is the correct name for a law?. What M has set specifc legal requirements to ensure that employees avoid the risk of injury?.
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