Rocks and soils

Rocks and Soils
What G is a hard rock that is used for kitchen work tops?. What P is a rock that floats?. What S is a rock found in the Lake District that is used for roof tiles?. What I is the type of rock that is made from cooling lava?. What C is often found in igneous rocks?. What S is a type of rock made from lots of layers being squashed together?. What C is the name for the centre of the Earth?. What M is the layer underneath the Earth's crust called?. What H is the name of the plant material found in soil?. What C is a kind of soil that doesn't let water drain through easily?. What P is the science word for 'little bits'?. What M is the name for rocks that have changed under intense heat or pressure?. What M is an attractive rock used for statues?. What I do we call something if it doesn't let water soak into it?. What S is a kind of test we could do to find out the hardest kind of rock?. What F is what we must make sure all our investigations are?. What L is the substance that cools to form igneous rocks?. What S is a kind of soft sedimentary rock used to build with?. What G is how sandstone might feel to touch?. What S is how marble feels to touch?.
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