Keywords and terminology for Flash

KS4 ICT Making a Flash movie, keywords and terminology, used for revision and plenary activities.
What I is acopy of a Flash symbol, placed from the library onto the stage?. What A is the rough edges of a bitmap graphic?. What T is the process allowing Flash to calculate changes to an animation between to defined points?. What M is an adio digital compression format?. What L is to play an animation or sound a specified number of times?. What L is an organisational tool for arranging different elements of an animation?. What L is used to store reusable elements in your Flash movie?. What S is a reusable Flash object you can reinsert throughout the movie?. What E is an interactive occurrence that causes a Flash action to happen?. What F is a unit within the timeline where you can insert graphics or sound?. What A is used to create in Photoshop transparent backgrounds, which remain transparent in Flash?. What A is an interactive task triggered by a flash event?. What T is the specified object that will be affected by a Flash interactive event?. What R is the speed measured by frames per second (fps)?. What S is the process of viewing or hearing parts of a broadcast file whilst the rest is downloading. What M is changing the size, position, and rotation of a symbol between two defined points?. What M is used to conceal an area or space from view?. What K is a frame you insert in your movie to define a change in animation?. What F is a graphical way of adding colour or patteren inside a shape?. What S is a manageable parts of a Flash movie?.
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