Year 7 Systems and Control

Year 7 introduction to systems and control, using logicator software, and models with 8 pairs of LEDS, end of unit test/quiz
What S is a series of events that makes something work?. What I is the thing that makes a system start to work?. What O is the result when a system is working?. What P is what happens in the system, to change the input to the output?. What C is being able to make a system do what we want?. What S is a way of drawing systems using blocks to represent Input, Process, Control and Feedback?. What E is something that uses microchips to control a system i.e. calculator, remote control, TV?. What M is something that uses mechanisms like levers, linkages and gears to control a system?. What E is something that uses a mixture of electronics and mechanics?. What F is information going back into a system to change the output, it provides control?. What O is a system that cannot check itself by providing feedback?. What C is a system that can check itself by providing feedback?. What L is a delay in a system such as waiting for water to heat up?. What P is the type of chip used to send control programs to? . What M is in most electrical products which have some control in them?. What I is found in many products that can control themselves and make them very useful?. What L is the name of the software you have used to program your PIC chips?. What L is the type of lights used in the models you have programed?. What S is at the beginning of each program?. What C is used to ask a question or make a decision in the program?.
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