Cool Chemistry

This quiz is designed to support the talk given by Pete Wearn in his Cool Chemistry presentations. See for more information.
What M is a planet where you find solid carbon dioxide in winter?. Name the solid formed by freezing carbon dioxide?. What H is a rare gas first found in the sun?. What B is the change from water to steam in a kettle?. What W is a gas that is part of the air around us?. What I is formed when water is cooled below zero degrees Celsius?. What L is the form of nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius?. What N forms more than half of the air around us?. What C is the gas formed when dry ice warms up?. What F happens to the gas in a carbon dioxide balloon when it is placed in liquid nitrogen?. What C is what happens to the size of a balloon with air in it when it is cooled down?. What H is what tomatoes become when placed in liquid nitrogen?. Which balloon falls more slowly when dropped out of air and carbon dixide filled?. What G is the cause of the build up of pressure in the balloon we passed around earlier?. What G is the force maiking a balloon fall when dropped?. What R is what happens to a helium balloon if you let go of it?. What O is the gas that is needed for a candle to stay alight?. What E is how people describe a test-tube when it contains air only?. What S does George wear to remind us about safety in doing experiments? . What V is the type of flask you need to keep things hot or cold?.
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