The Visible PC 1

Comptia A+ chapter 2 THe Visible PC Quiz used for reflection
What A is used to avoid ESD. What S is used to remove screws. What A is used to store PC parts. What M is a pointing device used to control a graphical pointer. What P provides a printed paper output. What P is a part that fits into a port. What J is used as an alternative to the term "port". What U is the most common general purpose connection for PC's. What F is also known as IEEE1394. What R is plugs into a network card. What M is a RJ-11 plugged into. What D is connector type that is D shaped. What H is the unit used to measure clock speed . What V is an older type of video connector. What J is often supported by a sound card port. What P is the predominent CPU package type. What G is the colour of the mouse port. What S is a modern hard drive that does not use a ribbon cable. What S uses a 50 wire ribbon cable. What C is an old style printer connector.
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