Batteries 1

Battery Quiz
What C is A basic electrochemical unit used to store electrical energy. What S is a battery that can be recharged. What P is a battery that is not intended to be electrically charged. What C is the total number of cycles which a battery can survive. What N is the voltage between the terminals of the battery when it is fully charged. What T is due to excessive generation within a battery due to high overcharging. What I is the battery's own resistance to the flow of current within the battery. What S is the length of time a battery retains 90% of energy content . What A is similar to lechlanche batteries but more modern. What L is found in laptop computers. What Z is a battery type used in watches and hearing aids. What S occurs when the battery has its terminals open-circuited. What G is production of gas from one or more electrodes within a battery. What M is used to measure voltage. What C is the rate of flow of electrons. What O is a reaction involving the exchange of electrons. What V is the potential difference between two points. What L is an older style battery used in torches and radios. What L is a type of battery found in cars. What A has a nominal voltage of 1.5V.
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