Components of fitness

Public Service fitness test and the requirements of Public Services
What C is a healthy heart, healthy blood vessels, and healthy lungs?. What B is the relationship between the amount of fat in your body and everything else (%)?. What F is being able to bend easily at the joints?. What MS is the ability of the muscles to act strongly in a short period of time?. What ME is the ability of muscles to continue working for long periods of time without resting?. What A is the ability to change direction rapidly while running?. What B is the ability to avoid falling over?. What C is the ability to do several different movements at the same time?. What S is the ability to move or react quickly?. What P is the ability to make sudden forceful movements?. What H is the measurement of how tall you are?. What W is the measurement of your mass?. What G is the measurement of how strong your arm is?. What S is the measurement of how well your energy lasts?. What S is the measurement of how fast you can run whilst changing direction quickly?. What P is how well you do in test?. What T is what you should do to improve your score?. What F is how much activity you do daily?. What H is parts of fitness linked to general health?. What S is fitness abilities that are learned?.
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