Identify Safety and Environmental Issue

Understanding safety and environmental issues
What P can retain a lethal electrical charge even after the device is unplugged. What M contains information about a chemical solvents emergency cleanup procedures . What P is a common type of screwdriver. What A is common measure implented to reduce the risk of ESD. What R is a recommended way to dispose AA batteries. What P is a trait affecting IT support that is governed by law. What M is used to measure the voltage across a battery. What C is a component found in CRT monitors that holds a lethal charge . What K is often dirtier than the average toilet. What C can be to clean fan blades. What L is a part of a printer that is hazardous to the eyes. What H is the enemy of electronic components. What S is used to clean the PC case. What S is built into a plug adaptor to smooth out voltage spikes. What M is useful if you can read information on the motherboard. What A is would you find a brand new motherboard in. What L is something you should do when the customer is talking. What P refers to arriving on time at the customer site. What A means you are taking responsibility for problems that have occured. What F allows you to find a suitable time for both you and the customer to meet.
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