This quiz is designed to revise the basic key words for magnetism.
What G is our earth?. What P is where the magnetism is the strongest?. What A happens when two unlike poles approach?. What R happens when two like poles approach?. What C is used to indicate directions of a magnetic field?. What E do cranes in scrapyards use?. What TP can magnets be classified?. What F is used to describe the region round a magnet where a force will be felt?. What I is a material that magnets can attract?. What L is used to show the magnetic field?. What D describes the field lines where the magnetic field is stronger?. What N is used to name one of the poles?. What S is used to name one of the poles?. What L does electricity goes through to make an electromagnet?. What D happens to an electromagnet if the electricity is cut off?. What S is a good material to make permanent magnets?. What IF are often used to display magnetic lines?. What E has a core that is a big piece of iron?. What NM are the two types of permanent magnet?. What C should be increased to make an electromagnet stronger?.
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