Electronics October Review

basic electronics
What R is a component used to appose the flow of current. What M is one thousandth of an amp. What D is current that flows in one direction only. What A is current that changes direction. What O is the measure of resistance. What A is a type of analogue multimeter. What P refers to an LED with an anode and a cathode. What E is an word for a polarised capacitor. What D must be used to hold the 555 timer chip. What M is another word for one million ohms. What S is a piece of circuit board that involves soldering components. What B is a circuit board that does not involve soldering. What M is a one millionth of an amp. What D is used to remove solder. What V is the potential difference between two points. What B is used to power a circuit. What C is used to find the value of a resistor. What T should occur before soldering. What C must you apply to a solder burn. What S is the opposite of an open circuit.
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