Quiz for unit 2F 'Using Electricity', year 2.
What P is the + sign on a battery?. What B is a source of electricity?. What C is a battery connected by wires to a bulb or motor?. What M is a source of electricity in the home?. What T is a device that uses batteries to give light?. What N is the - sign on a battery?. What S is created by a radio, tape recorder or buzzer?. What H is created by a hairdryer or radiator?. What L is created by a torch, television or lamp?. What M is created by a remote control car or electric toothbrush?. What S can be added to a circuit to turn it on or off?. What W is connected to a battery in a circuit?. What W should NEVER be near electricity?. What M can use batteries and mains and lets you talk to your friends?. What A gives out sound and light and tells the time?. What L can use mains and battery and lets you connect to the internet?. What T uses mains electricity and gives out light and sound?. What M are good conductors of electricity, and is the type of material used for wires?. What B makes sound when connected to a battery by wires?. What B gives out light when connected to a battery by wires?.
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